How to build a website for a new book:
Nature, Our Medicine: A Case Study

Here we look at how to build a website for a new book release. This case study is a website that showcases a new book by author Dr. Dimity Williams. This WordPress website draws its colors and general design from the front cover of the book, including the little .ico icon you can see in the Internet browser navigation tab.

Smink Works organized the .com domain name and hosting, installed WordPress and worked with Dimity to develop and display the content.

Important things to consider when building a website for a new book:

  1. An important component is a shop or page where clear links to purchase the book in various formats can be found. Here, Dr. Dimity has links to Amazon and has used PayPal for a payment link for a signed copy of the book. Another possibility is a full-featured WordPress e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce.
  2. The domain name here focuses on the book’s name and the subject. You might consider using your author name as the domain name, particularly if you have planned a series of books. This is useful for marketing yourself as the author, as well as your availability as a speaker and workshop presenter.
  3. How can you best use your website as a marketing tool? Dimity’s website is a great example of using your website as a marketing tool. It showcases the book, and includes a ‘collaborate’ section to promote Dimity as a speaker and knowledgable interviewee on the topic of nature as medicine.
  4. How can you capture visitors? Here, Dimity has offered a free PDF about nature prescriptions, which is available for download when visitors sign up to her email newsletter (Powered by MailChimp, which has a WordPress plugin.)

Check out the full website at

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